Infertility, the daily unhealthy habits and stress are some of the major causes of fertility problems in ever younger families. Whilst the factors and etiology in many cases of families reporting their inability to have a child, many have started turning to assisted reproductive specialists with the wish for a baby. Saint Lazar Maternity Hospital offers a combination of innovative technology and leading specialists in the field, which will give you the necessary care and psychological support throughout every step of the IVF adventure. The trusted specialists, which will guide you through the process of creating a family will be Dr. Valentin Lachev (активен линк биография) and our chief embryologist Svetla Klisurska (активен линк с биография). What are the three most significant factors, that you should know about the IVF centre at Saint Lazar Maternity Hospital?

  • We perform full diagnostics before turning to the procedure of IVF
  • We can supply you with donor sperm and donor oocytes
  • You are given the opportunity to be fully informed and in constant communication with the specialists

More information about our services follows bellow.