History and mission

Saint Lazar Maternity Hospital is the first private Bulgarian hospital, founded in 1999.

Every single day throughout the year we start and conclude our days with one thought - to provide our patients with the highest quality of medical services, peace of mind and comfort. Our aspiration to upgrade and develop our skills to apply new methodologies is unceasing. In these two decades, we have been able to close the entire cycle of medical services, which is related to family planning, maternal and child health. We have a fully equipped in vitro sector, our own stem cell bank, we also provide pregnancy monitoring, child birth and pediatric consultation.

We can safely say that we enjoy the trust of our patients mainly thanks to the constant open communication and justified expectations that we carry. Regardless of the circumstances, we always remember that taking care for the patient as an individual and their family is at the heart of our mission.

We are aware that our success over the years is also due to a hard teamwork and that the hospital would not be what it is without these faithful and dedicated like-minded people who are not only wonderful specialists but also good people, and we are so thankful for that!

As soon as you cross our threshold, you will feel that our atmosphere and attitude are different. We are aware that for many of you a doctor’s visit at the hospital may be an unpleasant event. That is why here at Saint Lazar Maternity Hospital we do our best to provide comfort all the way from reception, through doctor’s offices to the hospital rooms. Our colleagues are polite, kind and always put the needs and preferences of the patient before the routine procedure.

We believe our patients deserve the best.