Olga Dukat

Olga Dukat is a midwife, childbirth preparation instructor and lactation consultant. Mother of 4 children. Author of the book "Birth with Love". For more than 10 years, she has been conducting courses for pregnant women and preparing future parents to welcome their children calmly and consciously.


"In my practice, I try to consider each case individually, because there is no universal solution that suits everyone. I believe in women and in the fact that in the greater percentage of cases childbirth is a natural physiological process. I am interested in alternative methods, but I'm not rejecting medicine and modern technology - it's wonderful that we can take advantage of it when the need arises.

I am convinced that how the birth will go is not only a matter of luck - many things depend on the future mother herself and the people around her. Parents-to-be should make informed choices about everything related to the birth and rearing of their baby."