Why “Saint Lazar”

“Saint Lazar” is the first officially accredited bank for gathering, processing and preservation of stem cells in Bulgaria. Our team consists of highly trained and recognized specialists, who aim to achieve the highest possible standards and constant technological upgrades.

All researches and procedures, in connection to the preserving the stem cells, are being done by our team in our laboratories. All lab equipment and technologies used in the process are made and certified by leading worldwide manufacturers. The combination of highly skilled teams and high-tech laboratories gives the maximum control over the procedures and best quality of service for our clients.

“Saint Lazar” is in Bulgaria, which gives us the opportunity to substantially reduce the time period between the gathering of the stem cells and their freezing for preservation, which is of utmost importance for their vitality. The statistics show, that in over 95% of the storage units the stem cells have 100% cellular vitality - guarantee by itself for high results in future usage.

At any given time our clients can request information about their child's stem cells, or to visit “Saint Lazar” to see personally the conditions for cryopreservation. Our door is always open to all future parents, who want to know more about the procedures. Our teams of specialists will be happy to offer all information and to answer all questions.

“Saint Lazar” is equipped with high-tech transport containers that give us the ability to deliver our client's stem cells to any hospital around the world. The last transportation was successfully completed to Duke University Hospital, North Carolina, USA.

The activities in “Saint Lazar” are being controlled by all competent government organizations and institutions. The bank has permit from Ministry of Healthcare № СБ 321/27.12.2010, special credentials from the same ministry № RD 01-407/12.06.2009 and certificate from the National