About us

Dr. Gurcheva

The first official stem cells bank in Bulgaria - “Saint Lazar”was established in 2005, giving the Bulgarian families the priceless ability to protect the future of their children, using one of the newest achievements of modern medicine, whose full potential remains to be unveiled.

As pioneer in the gathering, processing and preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood in Bulgaria, “Saint Lazar” is equipped according to the highest international standards, and is constantly developing the skills of its highly trained specialists.The team leader is Dr. Gurcheva MD, who acquired her stem cells specializations in Paris, Berlin, Hanover and Rome. In 1997 Dr. Gurcheva MD was part of the team, which successfully made the first bone marrow transplantation in Bulgaria, and at the moment is also a national consultant for the government's Agency for Transplantations.

Since its establishment, “Saint Lazar” has been chosen by over 1300 Bulgarian families as the bank with best service and highest security for the stem cells of their children. The analysis over the years shows that there is a perfectly good reason for that - the volumes, stem cells percentages and registered vitality after processing are absolutely identical with those of the leading banks in EU and USA.

The experience and confidence in the abilities of “Saint Lazar” employees led to the creation of a second stem cells bank, which is successfully operating in Macedonia for over two years.