Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

The most modern and effective lasers available in cases of vaginal atrophy (urinary incontinence) and urinary stress-incontinence (involuntary urine discharge). These common symptoms of menopause affect nearly one in three women. Vaginal dryness may occur at any age, for various reasons, and may seriously affect sexual life. In turn, urinary stress-incontinence is a disease that affects 200 million women worldwide, most commonly seen in over-the-middle-aged patients, resulting in poor quality of life and considerable treatment costs.

The innovative MonaLisa Touch treatment is quick, painless, efficient and economical and  will solve these intimate problems with only three consecutive visits in 8 weeks. Each session lasts for only 5 minutes, and the procedure itself is absolutely non-traumatic, does not require any hospital stay, medication analgesia, or changes in your daily lifestyle, but it will ensure long-lasting effect, self-esteem and confidence.