Laser Vaginoplasty

The most common causes for a woman to want vaginal rejuvenation are her individual understanding of beauty and the pursuit of perfection and meaningful sex life. The reasons that drive women into aesthetic gynecology surgeries are often complex: on the one hand after delivery, especially for larger babies, there is a widening of the vagina, tearing and sliding of vaginal walls. The anatomy and physiology of the vagina and the external genital organs are usually disturbed. With climax and menopause occurring due to oestrogens deficiency, discomfort can get worse. Changes in anatomy of the vagina are often accompanied by involuntary urinary discharge, and this unbalances the personal and social life of the woman. Another cause may be the trauma or heritable weakness of the supporting apparatus.

Laser vaginoplasty is an operative intervention on vaginal walls to restore vaginal tone and anatomy, as well as to restore self-confidence in the woman.