More rights for midwives

The Alliance of Bulgarian midwives asked for more rights for midwives, in relation to care for mother and the baby, and sent its proposal to the Ministry of Health. The main idea behind this proposal is that every woman should have an access to a midwife, who would be close to her during and after her pregnancy. Currently, this access is optional and depends on affordability.

“In order all women to be able to benefit from these cares, aside from having financial security, we appeal for changes in the NHIF, so everyone can benefit from it, "explained for bTV Emilia Kazalova – the president of the Alliance of Bulgarian Midwives.

She stated that the idea is not implement towards home birth, but the opposite: "We stand very firmly- Bulgaria is not ready for such a thing yet."

Many women have been enjoying the cares of the "patronage midwife by the end of the last century. Back then births in the villages were many and midwives - engaged with home. That is why, the state also supported them.

Returning to the previous model has no single comment, according to the medics. On the one hand, it is obsolete, because neither births, nor staff nor the funds are sufficient enough to practice obstetrics in its former appearance. On the other hand, the global experience shows that in many cases, the midwife is a leader in some activities, where in our country they still require the presence of a gynecologist.