Easy choice for future parents

I found the perfect combination between experienced personnel and high-tech equipment resource, comfort, personal approach and professionalism at all levels – that is what Tzvetelina Razlozhka, fashion manager, says about Maternity Hospital “Saint Lazar”.

Mrs. Razlozhka, the expectation of a child is usually associated with many emotions, but with many concerns, too. How did you make the decision who to entrust with the cares of your most precious gift?
- It might sound strange to you, but that is the easiest decision, that I have ever had to make.  It was very aware what I really wanted and needed for myself and my baby. The leading factor in the decision making process, was the professionalism and qualifications of the medical team, which I was going to choose. It was equally important to me that I can rely on the most contemporary and high-tech equipment. I found the perfect combination between experienced personnel and high-tech equipment resource in Maternity Hospital “Saint Lazar”.
Many of the concerns of the patients are related to the staff’s attitude and the condition of the hospital‘s accommodation. What was the reason that made you choose in favor of Maternity Hospital “Saint Lazar”?
- I was really impressed by the complete correspondence between words and deeds. Even upon the first contact with the personnel, I felt genuine concern and warm attitude, and without of doubt, this isvery important fact for the comfort of every future mother. You are aware that many things might be said or written in the media, but in fact, these speculations are remotely connected to the truth. It seems like in time people got used to this fact and began to lower their expectations. May be, that is exactly way I was surprised and fascinated at once, by the professionalism and attitude of the people who work in “Saint Lazar”. They really exceeded my expectations. Comfort, individual approach, professionalism at all levels - from the sanitarians to the owner of the hospital – indisputable fact.

I assume, getting back in shape is very important to you. Are there any special programs related to the comfort of the mother right after giving birth?
- There is special treatment throughout the whole pregnancy. During her stay in the hospital, every patient has the opportunity to choose meals from a menu designed according her personal needs, luxury bed with changing geometry and remote controller. The unrestricted presence of my family, close friends and their support is also very important. This comfort, provided by the hospital, really contributed to my quick and easy recovery.

Which piece of high-tech equipment available in the hospital was at highest importance to you?
- To me the most important condition was the security of my baby. Its firs hours and days are really important. That is the reason why the equipment in the neonatal care unit was at highest importance to me. Maternity Hospital “Saint Lazar” has all contemporary technologies concerning neonatal cares. 

Tzvetelina Razlozhka-Moskova is honored with Masters Degree in Sociology from the South-West University “NeofitRilski” in Blagoevgrad. She became the first winner of the award “Lady Bulgaria” in 2008. She was also wins the international awards Senora Clasica Mondial and Lady Top Model Worldwide. She is a licensed judge in many competitions like: Perfect Body, Perfect Body VIP, Queen of Flowers, Miss Winter, as well as in the international competition “Lady Universe”.