Why to choose our hospital?

We provide security for you and your newborn via:

  • Highly qualified medical staff
  • High-tech medical equipment
  • Full range of medication

Our style is individual approach with all of our patients:

  • According to your individual birth plan, feasible due to the excellent professional competence and experience of our team.
  • Individual approach to you from our team
  • Individual regime tailored to your wishes with regard to the presence of the baby in your roomIn our hospital only, we can realize your wish for a completely “natural birth” (for more information got to Natural birth)

With us you get comfort and relaxing ambient:

  • The presence of your husband or any other relative, free of charge
  • High level of hygiene
  • Menu adapted to your personal diet
  • Wi-Fi, telephone

In our hospital we can offer full range of necessary obstetrics activities and therapies, from normal delivery to high-risk delivery.

The delivery is one of our main medical activities.
It is carried out with mandatory participation of 4 doctors and 2 midwives. A neonatologist team takes care of the baby right after it is born. It is a condition, extremely important for the quick adaptation of the baby.

Normally, the father  also „takes part” in the delivery process.

Saint Lazar Hospital is open 24/7.

Natural delivery

The delivery progresses in comfortable and cozy atmosphere as close as possible to conditions at home.

The medical team follows the process as discrete as possible, without disturbing the future mother. When everything goes as planned and there are no complications, the delivery itself goes with minimal medical interference – medications, procedures and interventions are used only when absolutely necessary and with the patient’s consent.


The future mother has the ability to move and chose positions throughout the whole process, including the delivery itself, as well as taking light food and drinks, in accordance to her needs.

When there are no complications the baby is given to the mother immediately after birth and spends its first hours with her. The umbilical cord is cut after it stops pulsing.

The woman in labor can have the support of a doula (professional assistant) for providing non-medical methods of pain suppression such as massage, way of relaxation, acupressure etc.



Water delivery


The warm water eases the pains of the woman in labor and the risk of lacerations is much lower. And for the baby, the transition to the new environment is easier and less stressful.

The hospital has an inflatable pool designed for water births with individual insets for each woman. Water birth reduces the pain, relaxes the body, reduces the risk of lacerations, shortens the labor process, and the baby has an easier and a gentler transition to the new environment.

Surgical delivery (Cesarean section)

This is being planned by the medical team and the mother in advance when there are medical or social indications.

The decision for cesarean cut can be taken even in the process of natural delivery, when the situation calls for it.

Reasons for urgent Cesarean Section may be:

  • Eclampcia or heavy Preeclampsia which is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidney
  • The baby is in bad or restricting the normal delivery position, or it is bigger than normal to safely pass through the pelvic (disproportion)
  • The baby suffers from lack of oxygen (fetal distress)
  • The baby's head is too big compared to the shape and dimensions of the pelvic
  • Lack of progress during the labour - weak contractions or not enough dilatation
  • Placenta praevia - placenta is blocking the exit

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