One-day surgery

Curettage of the uterine and cervical cavity – surgical intervention with diagnostical or therapeutical objective in different conditions with unexplained bleeding from the female genitals.

Polypectomy and curettage of the cervix – surgical intervention for removing the cervix polypus with curettage and testing for cancer.

Electro and laser conization of the cervix – modern surgical method for removing precancerous and cancerous (in very early stages) tissue in the cervix.

Biopsy of parts of the female reproductive system, aiming to prove or discard suspicions of macroscopic diagnosis.

Laser-vaporization of condyloma – surgical treatment of condyloma on the cervix, uterus and vulva, using a laser.

Laser-vaporization of pre-cancer in the cervix after the biopsy – limited in its volume intervention, aiming at removal of precancerous tissue from the cervix.

Laparoscopy – bloodless method for diagnosis of different pathological conditions in abdomen, combined with microsurgical interventions.

Hysteroscopy – method of diagnosis, combined with aimed biopsy technique for determining different conditions of the uterine lining and wall. Commonly combined with microsurgical interventions.


Terminating the pregnancy

On medical grounds

Done up to the 20th gestational week, using modified Aburel method. Measures are taken for limiting the possible secondary complications during the terminating of the pregnancy and the post-surgical period. Preserving all genital functions for future pregnancy.

When terminating advanced pregnancy prostaglandin is used as well with high efficiency.

The anesthesia is mandatory, and highly effective.

On patient’s demand

The unwanted pregnancy is terminated using vacuum under ultrasound control, including the Karman method. This method is utilized in terminating pregnancy in its early stages (6th – 7th gestational week), using vacuum aspiration of the uterus with full preservation of all genital functions, without widening of the cervix.

Abdominal surgery

Laparomyomectomy – removal of fibroma from the uterus by transabdominal way, using classical methods.

Laparohysterectomy – surgical removal of the uterus with or without its annexis using the classical method, or the method of Aldridge.


Laparoannexectomy – surgical removal of ovarian cyst or annexis with express histological diagnosis

Explorative laparotomy – opening the abdominal cavity when such procedure is necessary.

Laparohysterectomy in Wertheim method – radical surgical removal of the uterus, annexis, and pelvic lymphatic nodes and connective tissue, when the diagnosis is cancer of the cervix.


Vulvo-vaginal surgery

Vaginal plastic surgery by laser – surgical intervention on the vaginal walls, aiming at restoration of the vaginal anatomy.

Plastic surgery of the vulva by laser - cosmetic surgery, modeling the structure of the vulva.

Vaginal hysterectomy – surgical removal of the uterine body through the vagina, used on patients with highly defined prolapsus of the genitals and risk of abdominal surgery.

Uretero-vesicopexy – uro-gynecological surgery, used in cases of stress-incontinence.

Plastic surgery of hymen – cosmetic surgery, aiming to restore the hymenal tissue.

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