Healthy newborns

Daily examinations by neonatologist are performed in order to track the postnatal adaptation, nutrition, somatic and neurological status.

Daily consultation mother-doctor, mother-midwife are performed, with recommendations regarding the baby’s cares at home. This reduces parents’ stress after hospital discharge.

In their daily duties, midwives work accordingly developed and approved standards, concerning mothers’ training, bathing and feeding of the baby, working in milk kitchen, disinfection of medical equipment, disinfection of the neonatal care unit, etc.

Natural breastfeeding is stimulated, and help is also provided for the inexperienced mothers.

In case the mother is hindered of breastfeeding, the nutrition of the baby is carried out with hypoallergenic milk.

All primary vaccinations and congenital ailment examinations are carried out with the parents’ consent.

Optional screening is available: trans-fontanel ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, hip joints ultrasound of premature babies and babies at high risk.

Intensive care for premature infants and infants at high risk

The hospital has fully equipped intensive care unit, including:

  • ventilator support
  • surfactant therapy
  • cardio-vascular resuscitation
  • temperature and metabolism maintenance
  • parenteral feeding
  • treatment of specific diseases - serious jaundice, anemia and infection

This treatment is compulsory for newborns at high risk – babies with different level of postpartum adaptation disorder - premature babies, babies with family disease history, pregnancy complications, and babies born with asphyxia.  

Daily communication between staff and parents is guaranteed, where the latter receive accurate and up to date information about the newborn’s health status.

The parents have free access to the baby during the period of its treatment.

Discussions parents-doctor are as frequent as necessary.

The parents are usually drawn into the treatment process and are taught how to do some procedures if necessary.

This way, the contact and connection between the baby and its parents is maintained.

As soon as possible, after the stabilization of the baby, breastfeeding is recommended and supported.In case of a longer stay of the baby, after the discharge of the mother, the possibility to feed the baby with her drained breast milk remains.

After the baby’s discharge, it’s the physical and neurological development is continuously tracked and all details concerning feeding, regime and cares at come are discussed.

Pediatric consultation package

Saint Lazar Hospital has a specialized pediatric office, where our team will take good care for the health of your children (0-13y) .

The "Pediatric consultation package" includes:

  • Monthly check-ups and consultations
  • Anthropological measurements (height, weight, girth of the body); monitoring of the physical and psychological development of your child
  • Individual approach and advises on feeding according to the age of the child
  • Clinical check-ups, advises on motor and mental development
  • Vaccinations according the Bulgarian immunization calendar
  • Planned prophylactic blood and urine testing on the first sixth and twelve months. 
  • All additional check-ups due to sickness or any other reason
  • Pediatrician on call 24/7

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