Units and apparatus

Neonatology Unit

  • Mobile X-ray Kugel
  • Neonatology reanimation module  Heinen + Löwenstein с респиратор Dräger-Babylog 2
  • Automatic alkaline-acid status analyzer Medica Easy Blood Gas
  • Intensive incubator Dräger
  • Physiological incubators Dräger
  • Neonatology patient monitors Mindray
  • Neonatology respirators Dräger Babylog 1 и Drager 8000 plus
  • a central medical gas installation

Delivery room

  • midwifery cardio-tocographic monitors Hewlett Packard
  • automatic birthing bed Famed

Operation Theatre

  • Automatic operation tables Schmitz
  • Anesthesiology equipment Dräger Cicero
  • Patient monitors Philips
  • Electro knife Erbe
  • Operation lamps Dr. Mach
  • Laparoscopic set Wolf
  • Hysteroscopy set  Rudolf

Sterilization Unit

  • Dry sterilizer  Stericell


  • 4D ultrasound General Electric - Voluson E6 with printer Sony and 49-inch monitor Philips
  • 4D ultrasound Medison - Sonoace 8000
  • Electrocardiograph Schiller – AC101
  • Colposcope Leisegang with specialized microscopic camera  Leica MC120HD, Leica LAS software, SD, HD monitor
  • Automatic gynecology chair  Schmitz – MediMatic
  • Electrodiathermo-coagulator Kentamed

Reanimation and hospital sector

  • Reanimation beds Linet – Elegance
  • Patient beds with adjustable geometry Wissner-bosserhoff – Vitalia


  • Automatic blood analyser  Diagon – D-cell 60
  • Automatic biochemistry analyser (RAL)
  • Urine analyser DocUReader
  • Centrifuges

In vitro

  • Vertical Laminar Box – IVF Tech with buit-in heating table and stereo microscope Olympus
  • Centrifuge - Hermle
  • The most modern cryogenic bank for storage of gametes and embryos
  • Incubators Thermo + Sanyo
  • Hi-tech microscope Nikon with micromanipulator Integra 3 Thermo safe
  • Local air purifiers
  • Laser system Saturn Active  5

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