The place where the babies of foreign managers are born

Болница Свети Лазар

Baby in the family!

Such a joy, wonderful emotions……..and so many worries. Especially when this awaited event is about to happen thousands of miles away from home. How and why a future mother chose to trust the medical team of a distant country? It turns out the answer is simple, especially when the chosen hospital easily provides maximum cares and comfort for, both, the mother and the baby.

“Saint Lazar” was the choice of my colleagues. Following their recommendations and feedback, we decided to choose the same hospital for the birth of our child, too. Of course, we also read many remarks and comments of patients and checked-out other hospitals”. This is what Remigius Narauskakis told us, a country manager of Gedeon Richter pharmaceutical company for Bulgaria. He and his wife Rassa, are one of the many foreign couples who have chosen to trust the private health care in Bulgaria and to experience this amazing moment in our country.

„I am a foreigner in Bulgaria, 2000km away from home. But still, we decided to have our first child here. The main reason was the way I felt after the first few routine check-ups. I was not feeling like a foreigner any more. I was feeling safe”, says Rassa. Today, she and her husband are happy parents of a wonderful son – Dominicas. He is a boy with Hungarian origin, born in Bulgaria under the cares of a hospital holding an European level of services in Sofia. We even had a woman, recommended by “Saint Lazar”, to help us during the first few months after his birth.

„It is more than just a place to have a baby. “Saint Lazar” provides everything necessary for the health and comfort of the mother and the baby. Starting from monitoring the pregnancy, going through the delivery (normal or operative), up until the time after the baby is born”. All this was explained to us by the hospital’s personnel on an unusually warm day in February. At the entrance we were kindly asked to put on our shoes sterile plastic covers – a compulsory safety precaution in the hospital. While we were doing it, we looked around. There is no way of not noticing the three big corkboards full of babies’ photos hanging on the wall in the lobby, where all new patients are being registered. These are the babies of “Saint Lazar”. 3000 children, twins, triplets, who were born in the hospital for the past 15 years, since its opening.

In fact, you can find such corkboards everywhere in the hospital. Thanks to these photos and the modern interior of the hospital future mothers can feel really comfortable and cozy. Fathers are allowed to stay with the mother and baby as long as they want.


Each room in “Saint Lazar” is unique; it has individual furnishing and en-suite designer bathroom, different from the other bathrooms. There are 30 beds in total for mothers. Only two of the rooms are double. The rest are single. This way, the ladies are able to rest, watch TV or talk on the phone whenever they want to.


“Saint Lazar” hospital is ready to react in every situation. The hospital has fully equipped intensive care unit for premature babies or babies at higher risk. “Saint Lazar” offers also aesthetic surgery procedures for women, after giving birth. Treats infertility. For 9 years now, Maternity Hospital “Saint Lazar” has had its own stem cells bank, which gives the opportunity to patients to protect the future of their children by extracting stem cell from the umbilical cord or from the blood running through it.

The hospital is open to all future parents who want to find out more about pregnancy monitoring, giving birth and perhaps the best cares that a hospital can provide for its patients.